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Stream TV on Firestick or Fire TV for free with the Mobdro streaming application

Today, streaming is the world’s most popular form of entertainment. There are no longer just a handful of options to satisfy your entertainment needs. This is largely due to the internet and the wide scope it has around the globe. Live TV channel streaming is not something that most streaming providers really have. In the other side, Mobdro has a lot of free streams that users can choose from. Let’s have a look at what the software for Mobdro is.

The Mobdro application in a nutshell

Let’s see what the app is like, before we go and send you all the steps on how to instal the app on your smartphone. Mobdro is a streaming programme that can be downloaded as an APK file on Android. On PCs and Chromecast computers, you can also import and use the software. Compared to the regular streaming platforms such as the popular YouTube and Netflix, Mobdro is a little different. The programme does not have a broad content database from which users can select. Instead, to discover the free streams, the programme heads out for an exciting journey to the far reaches of the internet. In areas that often take massive quantities of work to find and play, these streams hide. Mobdro then conveniently organises them into groups that make choosing what to watch simple for you. Terrific, isn’t it?

Best features of Mobdro

Here are a few key points that make the product so popular with millions of users worldwide.
Free: The software is free to download and use, first and foremost. The free software itself has a premium version available for purchase. Users don’t have a premium edition to buy. It just has certain features that are more useful. The free edition, however, has everything you need. This suggests that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to open your wallet.
Interface: It’s very user friendly to use the programme. The architecture of the Mobdro software interface is fantastic. All the features and platforms you need are only one or two clicks away from your fingertips. Seeking what to watch is a breeze with the way the categories are set up by the software developers.

Firestick/Fire TV: Amazon’s device that’ll change your viewing experience

Amazon’s solution to Google’s Chromecast is the Firestick or Fire TV system. In essence, the gadget transforms an regular TV into a smart one. A small box or USB-like stick is typically the unit. You would be able to stream from the internet with ease until the device is plugged into your TV’s HDMI slot. An HDMI capable TV and a solid internet link are what the system requires. The good thing about these systems is that it is easy to mount Mobdro on the computer directly. The Fire TV devices encourage users, unlike related devices, to easily change a small setting in order to import applications from unknown sources. We’re going to teach you how to get this done. You will be able to use the Mobdro app on your Firestick / Fire TV computer after that. The machines work with purchasing-related remotes that accompany them. They make life at the end of the day a bit more bearable.

How to install the Mobdro app on Firestick/Fire TV devices?

These next steps will teach you exactly how to download and update the programme from Mobdro. Follow them cautiously because the approach is not as straightforward as it sounds. As opposed to handheld devices and PCs, there are a few moves that are out of the ordinary.
Step 1: Go through the device’s settings. This can be found in the menu on the device’s homepage. Click the “My Fire TV” option.

Step 2: You will now need to click the “Developer Choices” tab, which will take you to a new screen that requires applications from unknown sources. Be sure to switch this condition to ON.

Step 3: Return to the home screen. To check for ‘Downloader’, use the device ‘s key search bar. This app will allow you to download the apk file for Mobdro. (Some Inception crap right here) download the Downloader.

Step 4: You can open the application after you have downloaded the programme to your computer. To grant the app access to your media folders, press Unlock (you must allow access or the app won’t function properly). You can see a search bar inside the app where you can insert URLs. This is the trickiest thing of all, because you need to insert the exact connexion that will retrieve the application’s apk file. Enter the URL that explicitly instals the software and wait until the update is completed.

Direct Mobdro URL (.apk): https:/

Step 5: You can instal the Mobdro software after you have downloaded the apk package. It’ll only take one or two minutes to do this. Mobdro will appear on the app list alongside the other installed software. You should just open it now and enjoy it.

Information Mobdro on FireStick

Version App: v2.1.80
Size: 17.7 MB Size: 17.7 MB
Category: Streaming
The Form of License: Free
Latest update: 12th of May, 2020
Required: 4.0 + for Android
Site Home:


Wrapping up

The Mobdro software on a Firestick / Fire TV is nice to use at the end of the day. The fantastic design of the app makes it simple for novice people to use and appreciate. With the neat organisation of all the networks into classes, choosing what to watch is effortless. Another incredible feature of the platform is the fact that you can import the app straight onto your Amazon device. In the downloader app and the device’s configuration, there is a minor trick. Nevertheless, it’s much simpler than for other gadgets. Overall, Mobdro is fine, we only wish it was free for all its features. You will watch Mobdro’s channels from the comfort of your own sofa now that you know how to download and update the Mobdro software on Fire TV.

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