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These are some of Arizona’s most famous storeys. In this new podcast, I-Team Executive Director Katie Wilcox tells us what we need to hear about them. PHOENIX As the 12 News I-Team explores reports across the state of Arizona, the editors and writers go through endless interviews, articles and evidence to reveal the whole case.

The sheer quantity of knowledge in these tales can be difficult to absorb and grasp in certain circumstances. This last few months have been confusing, and the news is getting to us quicker than ever. That’s when the “What You Need to Hear About” 12 News podcast comes in.

The 12 News I-Team Executive Producer Katie Wilcox hosts the new video podcast. Wilcox will take a detailed look at a recent storey in each episode and move through the details of the investigation alongside the reporter who reported on it.

Episode of this week:What’s QAnon?

One final of What You Need to Hear About this week’s season, investigative reporter Joe Dana and executive producer Katie Wilcox discuss one particular fringe campaign that spreads false conspiracy theories: QAnon. You can watch one on the 12 News YouTube channel or via the links below for the rest of the season.

Episodes preceding

A list of the previous episodes can be found below.

EPISODE 6: How do the primary staff cope with COVID-19?

As we continue to combat coronavirus, important staff are on the frontlines helping to help populations across the pandemic. But are these employees provided enough security and help while they try to do jobs there?

EPISODE 5: In 2020, heading back to training

The fall school year has started as we continue to combat the coronavirus pandemic and class is in session. Schools are confronting this new curriculum environment from online to in-classroom learning as they seek to educate children while keeping them and staff protected from COVID-19.

EPISODE 4: The Program on Payment Security

Loans from the Paycheck Insurance Scheme was intended to provide some relief for small enterprises affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus. If all workers are placed on the payroll for eight weeks and the money is used for payroll, rent, mortgage interest, or electricity, the U.S. Small Business Association says it would repay all the debts.

EPISODE 3: Lori Vallow and her children who are absent

For the third episode of the podcast, we look at the case that took care of the nation: Lori Vallow and her missing children. Katie Wilcox from I-Team EP reveals what we need to hear about the mystery situation.

EPISODE 2: The derailment of the Tempe train

On July 29, close to Tempe Town Lake, a Union Pacific train carrying a number of materials derailed. We’re digging into the event to show you what you need to know.

EPISODE 1: Unemployment in Arizona after the Pandemic

$7 billion a week in unemployment benefits. Phones that don’t get picked up. People wonder where they have their capital. We’re breaking down what our journalists have discovered.

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