How to make a map in Minecraft

Minecraft might be a major spot in the digital world. Using the “infinite” form of universe and in either direction, the simulated landscape extends on indefinitely. For younger players who appear to stray from the Minecraft pack, locator maps help you retain your bearings, progressively more so. In Minecraft, we teach you how to make a map so that everyone can find their way home.

You don’t need a map if you have built a realm using the “flat” kind. They’re just blocks of 256 x 256, so you’re definitely never going to wander too far from home or topple off the ground. With five separate sizes that you can build to track anything from minimal to insanely wide distances, maps are ideally suited to endless terrains.

Determine your map

Two map forms are offered by Minecraft. We assume that you want the Locator Map for this guide, because it records the location of any player in the domain, not just you. The Simple Map (or only Map) is also an actual map of your realm, but does not involve monitoring of position. This version is generally best fit for decoration while hanging on a wall.

The map you create in both cases does not show any mountain, river, and desert instantly. Rather, it operates close to how exposed terrain is obscured by RPGs, steadily drawing back the cloudy curtain as you venture ahead. Your travels will finally expose the whole realm. The moment it’s opened, a map will begin to reveal your realm — ground zero. If it’s your spawning point, bed, or crafting table, this point will remain at the centre of your map.

What you need

There are specific instruments and ingredients needed for both the Simple Map and the Locator Map. Just in case you’re new to Minecraft, we list them below, along with screenshots.

A crafting table (left) and a furnace (right)

To get the redstone dust, you need a block of redstone ore (right), which lies deep underground inside the lower 16 layers of the realm.

Four iron ore blocks and one pile of redstone dust

Put it into a furnace with some fuel until you obtain redstone ore and you’ll produce redstone dust. Blocks of Iron Ore (left) exist only above sea level.

Nine sugar canes

They expand, as seen above, near water.

Fuel to burn in the furnace

Whatever burns, you can use one block of charcoal, one block of coal, or four blocks of wood. Minecraft Stripped Oak Wood Coal is extracted from coal ore, much of which can be found underground (or in caves) anywhere, and is split with a pickaxe. To produce charcoal, mix wood and coal in a furnace. However, the least labor-intensive choice for this guide is probably to use wood as fuel.You will now go on to making your map for everything obtained.

Create your map

You will create an empty Locator Map with the following instructions, which will eventually show your current location. You can bypass the instructions for creating a compass and start at Step 6 if you simply need a map without geolocation.

Step 1:  Open the furnace and add (top square) iron ore and (bottom square) fuel. We use charcoal as fuel in our example shown below.

Step 2:  When the iron ore or fuel is exhausted or you leave the furnace, the furnace immediately produces iron bars. Drag the iron bars down to your inventory to complete.

Step 3: Open the Crafting Table and add four iron bars and one redstone dust pile. A compass is automatically created by the Crafting Table.

Step 4: Drag the compass down into the inventory to finish.

Step 5:  Pull three stacks of three candy canes into the bottom squares, as seen below, with the crafting table still open. Three sheets of paper are created for each sugar cane stack, so you can drag stacks of paper three times into your inventory.

Step 6: Pick the compass in your inventory with the Crafting Table already open and drag it to the centre square. As seen below (eight total), fill the other squares with one sheet of paper each.

Step 7:  Drag the new empty locator map into your inventory or hotbar to finish.

Fill your map

Now that you have a map, fill it up with your next move! Again, when you venture ahead, this works closely to how RPGs mask undiscovered land, steadily drawing back the cloudy curtain.

Step 1:  Open your inventory and drag into the Hotbar the empty Locator Map you just built.

Step 2:  Pick the map and to put it into view, do the following:

  • Console: Press the left trigger
  • PC: Press the mouse with the right-click button
  • Mobile: On the phone, press and hold

Step 3: To fill out the map, fly through your Minecraft realm.

You will find that it has a limit as the map makes the area: The player indicator will halt along the edge as you step past the limits of the map. In its current state, depending on the area where it was first opened, it captures an area of 128 x 128 blocks, half that of the “flat” world type. In our example seen above, the base map only captured a few city blocks on our “infinite” Minecraft Domain. We ought to zoom out for better coverage, which includes a trip back to the Table of Crafting.

Enlarge your map

You may get the map expanded four times. The real sizes are here:

Zoom 1 – 256 x 256 zoom (Level 1/4)
Zoom 2 –512 x 512 zoom (Level 2/4)
Zoom 3 – 1024 x 1024 zoom (Level 3/4)
Zoom 4 –2048 x 2048 zoom (Level 4/4)

Having said that, you can’t create a single map of the limitless world of Minecraft. If anything, if you want to track wide areas beyond the initial Level 4/4 map, you might build additional Level 4/4 maps. b, though, are exceptionally large. You can find that Level 1/4 maps are easier to read and a better choice to map the surrounding landscape. Because flat world forms are 256 x 256 blocks, a map that covers the whole realm can be quickly generated and extended.

Step 1:Open the crafting table and, when filling the remaining eight squares with paper, insert the new map into the middle square. Link to the previous directions on how to use sugar cane if you need to craft more paper.

Step 2: Drag your fresh (256 x 256, or Stage 1/4) extended map into your store.

Step 3: Pull the just-larged map back into the Crafting Table for an even bigger map and fill the remaining squares with paper. It generates a map of 512 x 512 (Level 2/4).

Step 4: Drag the re-expanded new map to your directory.

Step 5: Replicate the procedure for the 1024 x 1024 map (Level 3/4) or twice for the edition of 2048 x 2048 (Level 4/4). With the map expanded, the world from when it was first opened is effectively reset and re-recorded. Although that’s awesome for you, what about all the other players , particularly younger players, accessing your realm?

Copy your map

The fear of setting out a virtual search party is also known to gamers with children. They wander far far to the point where you want to pinpoint their precise location from screen to screen. You can see the positions of all players in the realm with a Locator Tracker, not just you. The concept of map cloning is to give a replica of your map to all players so that they can return to the point where you first opened the original, aka ground zero, safely. For younger players who love to wander off, especially in endless realms, copied maps are a good must-have piece.

You would require a cartography table, seen below, and an empty map to copy a map. Before you start, before making a copy, make sure your current map is complete. This will take a while if you have the Level 4/4 version.

Step 1 : Open the Cartography Table and add the finished map to the top square along with an empty map to the bottom square.

Stage 2: Call your map that you have copied (optional). Bear in mind that both maps are called in this process.

Step 3: Drag both maps into your inventory.

Step 4: For additional versions, repeat the preceding three stages.

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