How to take a screenshot

A screenshot (or screenshot) is an image you can take of a screen on your monitor or mobile device using normal equipment or special software.

  1. How to Take a Screenshot on a PC.
  2. How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac.
  3. How to Combine Files in Word.
  4. How to Combine Files in Adobe Acrobat.
  5. How to Combine Files on a Mac using Preview.

1. How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

  • The button “Print Page” can be labelled with “Prt Sc”, “Prnt Scrn“, “Print Scrn” or similar. The button is usually located on most keyboards next to the “F12” and “Scroll Lock” buttons. On laptop keyboards, to reach “Print Screen” you can have to click the “Fn” or “Feature” key.
  • Keep down the “Alt” key and hit “Print Page” when looking at the screen that you want to save.
  • Open Paint for Microsoft. Open the Start menu to open Paint, press on All Programs, press Accessories, and then click Paint to open it.
  • Right-click and select ‘Paste’ on the canvas. Your screenshot will be pasted on the canvas.
  • Save the file and upload it using “save as.” Paint saves the file as .PNG automatically, which is perfect.

2.How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac.

  • Click Command-Shift-3 to grab the whole desktop.
  • The screen shot will be automatically saved to your desktop as a .PNG file. Rename the file so that it can be quickly recognised (such as ‘SARscreen.png’ or ‘FinAid.scrnshot.png’), and then publish it as usual.

3.How to Combine Files in Word.

  • Open a new Word Document Void.
  • Click “Insert” and “Image” and pick the file you created from the screenshot (or smartphone photo).
  • The first screen shot is added. Make sure the data is readable. Then move the mouse beneath the first screen image, but on the same page as before.
  • Once again, press ‘Insert’ and ‘Pictures’ and navigate to a second file. Insert a file there.
  • Do this until the word document includes all the screen shots. Save (as .doc or .docx) a word document. Even if it is several pages, it is only just one file and will be successfully uploaded.

4.How to Combine Files in Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open Acrobat by Adobe.
  • Click the “Build” button and pick from the drop-down “Merge Files into a Single PDF”.
  • We’ll open a new browser. To scan for the PDF files you would like to merge, press the ‘Add Files’ button. These saved files can be selected from your desktop.
  • To put the PDFs in the right order, use the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ buttons. Make sure that you search “Single PDF”.
  • Click “Combine Files.” Then save the latest PDF until you have added all of the PDFs you wish to combine and have arranged them correctly.

5.How to Combine Files on a Mac using Preview.

  • In Preview, write down all the PDF documents that you intend to merge.
  • To open the Thumbnails pane, pick each Preview window, then choose Display > Thumbnails.
  • Pick the thumbnails of the pages to be moved. To pick several thumbnails at once, you can press the Shift key or the Command key when clicking each page thumbnail.
  • Drag the thumbnails from one PDF window to the other PDF window’s thumbnail pane. Shift your cursor to where you want the PDF to view the pages. To move the pages to the position you’ve picked, release your pointer.


A divider line can appear when dragging the thumbnail to the top or the bottom of the thumbnail window. Don’t move the thumbnail past the divider line to ensure all the pages are inserted into the current text.

  • You will continue to drag and drop the thumbnails of each page on the sidebar of the Preview window if you need to reorder pages in a PDF format. Save the latest PDF, then.

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