How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently – 2020 Update

Instagram, like Facebook the parent company, is no stranger to the occasional privacy controversy.

In late 2018, it was confirmed that there was a security bug in the ‘Download Your Info‘ Instagram feature, which leaked passwords in plain text to users. Ironic, when the feature was first developed to increase security and safeguard the privacy and knowledge of users. In addition, it was introduced after the Cambridge Analytica leak to set the minds of their users at ease. Instagram was swift to announce after the login leak occurred that only a limited number of users were at risk and the problem was soon fixed. There are a variety of other ways in which Instagram poses a threat to your safety, though.

Instagram’s default mode, for instance, would automatically monitor your position, unless you manually turn it off. This knowledge is used to send you advertising compared to the spot where you spend a majority of your time. Moreover, Instagram shares your in-app interactions with other users, such as views, feedback, your contact with posts, etc.

Then there was the upgrade that came in early 2018 to their DM operation. It wasn’t just the ‘seen’ message or the typing bubble that irritated people, but the message of status behavior.

When others were online, and even the last time they were online, Instagram was still reminding users. This function is the default configuration, but it can be removed in the account settings section of ‘Privacy and Protection.’

You may consider deleting or deactivating your social media pages if you want to share a little less online. This post will teach you how to uninstall your Instagram account permanently.

Deactivating vs Deleting: What You Need to Know

Depending on your choice, you can both deactivate and permanently erase your Instagram account.

Deactivating your account is reversible, but your account will be shielded from all users while it is deactivated, along with your profile, fans, pictures, views, and comments. Only log back into your account in order to recover all of this information and start using Instagram normally again.

You can not reverse the termination of your Instagram account; you can not recover a deleted account. All your info, including pictures, followers, likes, etc., will be removed for good when you uninstall your Instagram account. In the future, you will not be able to use the same username again if you want to sign up for Instagram again, nor will anyone else.

Deactivating an Instagram Account

You can’t deactivate Instagram from the app, you have to do so on the Instagram page on a web browser. You should deactivate your account by taking these steps if you wish to take a break from Instagram:

  1. Sign into your account on the Instagram website and click on the user icon to go to your profile tab.
  2. Pick ‘Edit Profile‘, scroll to the bottom of the tab, and then press ‘Disable my account temporarily‘.
  3. Why are you deleting your account?‘ you will be questioned. ‘, from the drop down menu, pick a reason.
  4. Enter your password again and pick ‘Account temporarily disabled’.
  5. Your password is now inactive, and once you log in again, it will be hidden from other accounts.

NOTE: You can only deactivate your Instagram account once a week, as per Instagram’s user policy.

Downloading Your Instagram Data

All of your data is lost for good after you have deleted your Instagram account-it will not be recovered.

Therefore, before you uninstall your account, you might want to download your Instagram info, because you still have all the images , videos, etc. you have shared over time. To grab a copy of your data from Instagram:

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram and click ‘Setup‘ (the gear icon).
  2. Tap on the tab ‘Privacy & Protection‘ and tap ‘Upload Request‘.
  3. Enter the email address where you would like to receive a connexion, followed by your password, to your Instagram info.
  4. You should receive an email with a link to your data within 48 hours, entitled ‘Your Instagram Data‘. Click ‘Data Download‘.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Delete Your Instagram Account

As with deactivation, only a web browser will uninstall an Instagram account. To uninstall your Instagram account permanently, take these basic steps:

  1. On the Instagram page, login to your account.
  2. Go to the ‘Delete Your Account‘ tab on Instagram. Pick your reason for quitting from the drop-down menu.
  3. Type your password and press ‘Delete my account permanently‘.
  4. Your Instagram account has already been removed.

Other Ways to Keep Your Data Private

To back up our valuable documents and/or to store information, all of us use a Cloud Computing Facility. Choose one that conveniently encrypts the files if you use one of these backup facilities. However, they will be able to access your data and even share it with government officials through their request, since the cloud service has the key to your encryption.

Before uploading them to the server, you can get around this issue by manually encrypting your files yourself. You would, therefore, be the only one holding the key to your knowledge. If you also upload the encryption keys to the server, the cloud provider will have no connexon.

There are a variety of free encryption services out there that are simple to use, even though the data is manually encrypted by you without any previous knowledge.

Choose security programmer that is consistent with your cloud service company and your device and smartphone operating systems. Often, your encryption software should provide end-to – end encryption, and your password should never be kept.

Conclusion and Further Reading

To keep safe on social media and stop being the target of cybercriminals, it is important to do whatever you can these days. Check out our comprehensive guide if you are interested in finding more ways in which you can protect your privacy online. Or, if you would like to uninstall your Facebook profile as well, take a peek at our step-by – step guidance.

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