How to delete your Facebook account

Social media such as Facebook walk a thin line between being realistic and wasting your whole life. If you’ve wasted a horrific amount of time on your computer today on your screen time notification, or you simply don’t feel the need to post every inch of your life on a news feed anymore, it might be time to actually pull the plug on your online life and temporarily or permanently uninstall your account.

Although it seems straightforward enough to uninstall your Facebook account, it’s really deceptively complicated. Social networking sites make money off you, but the last thing they want is to deter you off scrolling and posting incessantly.

But don’t worry, we’ve built a simple, step-by-step guide on how to uninstall your Facebook profile so that you can get out of it for good, or just enough time to give you a break before jumping back in.

Deleting Facebook account

Even though I spent most of my teenage years asking for a Facebook account from my parents, I fail to find excuses for keeping my account active today. If you’ve had a Facebook account for just shy of a decade, like me, there’s either so much of your life online or you’re just fed up with seeing the slightly racist Facebook posts of your grandma.

Two forms to get rid of your Facebook account are open. The first is to ‘deactivate‘ your profile; this ensures at any stage you will reactivate your account. But people can’t open your Facebook timeline before then, or even check for you. While some material, including the direct messages you’ve previously received, can remain accessible.

The other way to edit your password on Facebook is to edit it … permanently. If you prefer the more permanent move, for a few days after the request is made, Facebook will postpone the deletion. The deletion process is cancelled and your account will be reinstated (it really doesn’t want you to leave) if you log in during this time.

There’s no way to reactivate your password after your password has been permanently deleted. It will also take up to 90 days to erase your data that is saved in its backup system, but during this time, this information is not available on Facebook.

I just want to deactivate my account, but how do I do that?

Ah, so for the less-scary alternative, you went. To deactivate your Facebook account temporarily, all you have to do is log in to your desktop profile and then take these steps:

  • Click the Account menu arrow in your web browser on the top right of every Facebook page.
  • Select ‘Configurations
  • In the left column, click ‘General
  • Tap ‘Account Management
  • Tap on ‘Disable your account‘ and then affirm your decision.

You will reactivate your account by signing into Facebook and the entirety of your profile will be restored if you feel you can’t survive without Facebook.

I want to delete my account forever, but what do I do?

Deleting Facebook account is a serious move, as much as we do not want to accept, which will affect how you keep in contact with distant relatives which pursue social openings with friends.

It’s as easy as simply following this connexon and choosing ‘Delete Account‘-BUT WAIT!

It could be worth downloading your Facebook data until your account is deleted forever; this includes images and posts you’ve uploaded in the past. Follow these easy steps to save your data:

  • Follow this link when you log in to your desktop (Facebook support page on how to uninstall your account)
  • Click the Account menu arrow in your web browser on the top right of every Facebook page.
  • At the bottom of your General Account Settings, click ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data.’
  • Select ‘Start my Archive’

Once your data has been saved or you have agreed that you do not want to keep it, just click on ‘Delete Account’ and you’re done.

There’s a deep pool of social networking networks out there, but it’s not as difficult for most to remove your account for good. If you’re curious how to uninstall your username from other media networks, go to their FAQs page or check for an quick guide on Google.

Good luck living without checking every five minutes on Facebook.

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